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CleaningProductsWorld News: 3 Cleaning Products You’re Over Using

cleaning products world banner2 CleaningProductsWorld News: 3 Cleaning Products You’re Over UsingCan too much of a good thing be bad? Sometimes we slave over cleaning our homes and use a lot of cleaning supplies in the process. Try cleaning things thoroughly and some elbow grease and ease up on the solutions, sprays and cleaners. Here are three cleaning products that you may want to lighten up on to make your home bright and clean while using less:

Glass Cleaner: Most of us are guilty of spraying on the glass cleaner directly onto the surface, while that might seem like the best way to get the most product onto your windows and glass stove top you might not be cleaning thoroughly as you thought. Take your glass cleaner and directly spray it onto your rag/paper towel. By doing so your saving more product and eliminating build up of dust and dirt that make up the streaks found after cleaning with using glass products too heavily.

Furniture Polish: Sometimes buffing large quantities of polish onto your prized wood furniture can do more harm than good. Using too much polish can leave a film on furniture and will attract more dust. Simple whip down your wooden furniture with a light spray of polish once a month and watch how much bright your tables, chairs, etc will shine.

Laundry Detergent: Did you know you’re only supposed to use a tablespoon of detergent at a time? Simply filing a cup full of detergent will coat your laundry and actually retain dirt. Measure out a smaller amount to save on detergent and leave behind the dirt and grime.

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College Series: How to Clean Your Mattress

Most of us turn a blind eye to what lies under the bed sheets, mattresses can harbor a multitude of germs, dirt, stains, dust mites and much more. Mattresses simply can’t be washed but there are ways to keep them clean and fresh as best as you can.

  1. Invest in a mattress pad.
    1. Mattress pads can prevent icky germs from staining and stinking up your mattress. Also, many mattress manufacturers highly recommend them since if any stains are present on a mattress it can void out the warranty.
  2. How to keep your mattress fresh
    1. Every season you should clean your mattress simply with a vacuum. To really get a deep clean, sift baking soda on top and let it sit for about 30 minutes then simply vacuum it up. If you like essential oils add five drops to your baking soda before sifting, leaving your mattress smelling heavenly for a few days.
    2. After cleaning be sure to turn your mattress (no need to flip). Rotating it will help distribute the weight evenly.
  3. How to clean mattress stains
    1. For spot treatment things can get a little tricky. Try to use water as minimally as possible. Excess liquid can lead to mold and mildew if not properly dried before use. To treat a spot simply create a paste from baking soda, salt and water, apply to the stain ad brush off 30 minutes later, use a cool damp cloth to remove any excess.
    2.  For more stubborn stains mix a 2:1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide to dish soap and brush gently over the stain, wipe up the treated area 5 minutes later with a cool damp cloth.
    3.  Make sure if there is any liquid applied to your mattress to be sure to let it dry completely, fans can be a great way to speed up drying time. Be sure to protect your mattress from any future stains with a mattress protector.
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SupplyTime, CleaningProductsWorld 2.0

SupplyTime Logos 05062014 SupplyTime, CleaningProductsWorld 2.0The citizens of CleaningProductsWorld are spotless, gleaming and smell great. They love clean and are thrilled about products that make it happen. Shinny floors with no germs everywhere you look. That’s our mission: helping you ‘get to that place where nothing could be cleaner’. We are happy to share our knowledge about a world of clean.

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How to Clean Your Oven Inside and Out

CPWblogImage LiverpoolCarpetCleanerImage How to Clean Your Oven Inside and OutHow to Clean Your Oven Inside and Out

Anytime you use your oven there is chance that spills occur, more often than not spills will occur. No matter how many precautions we take your oven will need to be clean one way or another. Cleaning your oven can be easier than you think, but make sure to check out the steps below and the manufacturing pamphlet before taking on a huge oven cleaning project.


Determine What Kind of Oven You Have

Self Cleaning: These ovens can be programmed to heat to a high temperature that will essentially turn any food spills in your oven to ash which can be easily cleaned out after a cleaning cycle. To Clean: After your oven has been completely cooled down, wipe it down with a damp sponge to remove the ash. you can also use a water and soap mixture. Don’t use heavily abrasive cleaners or oven cleaners on the inside of your oven.

Textured: Textured ovens have a special porcelain coating on the inside which will burn off any food spills, similar to a self cleaning oven only that it will continuous burn off any food residue. To Clean: Only use a damp cloth to clean your oven since any abrasive sponges or cleaners can damage the porcelain coating.

Non-Self Cleaning: Any time you see food spills in your oven, try to wipe up as much as possible once the oven has cooled. For more stubborn spills use an oven cleaner and plastic scrub brush or pad. To prevent future spills simply line the bottom with aluminum foil or place a cookie sheet at the bottom of your oven, just make sure no vents are blocked with this method.

Now that you have cleaned the inside of your oven, make your oven’s glass look brand new with this simple tutorial with videos.

Clean the outside of your oven with vinegar. Simply remove your oven knobs and soak them in a bowl of vinegar. While they are soaking spray the outside of your oven with vinegar and simply wipe it down. After dry the knobs and place them back onto your oven.

Cleaning your stove top can involve a little elbow grease.

For stove tops with grates: If you have a stove top with grates, remove the grates and submerge them in warm soapy water. Then, simply grab a soapy sponge and wipe down the stove top, don’t worry if there’s some suds left over, this part is just to remove any grease. Rinse your sponge until the water runs clear and wash away any extra soap, then wipe down with a clean cloth. Take a soapy scrubbing sponge and remove any greasy grime from the grates. Dry and then place back on to your stove top.

For glass stove tops: Check out this video on how to clean your glass stove top

Deep cleaning your oven every few weeks can really make it easier to clean in the long run. Be sure to wipe it down and clean any spills in between big cleaning projects. By following these steps you’ll be on your way to an oven that looks brand new.

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USteam WorldCup CPW Supports #TEAMUSA in the #WORLDCUP2014

USteam WorldCup2 CPW Supports #TEAMUSA in the #WORLDCUP2014

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A Fresh Feeling In Your Home

How to get your home feeling fresher A Fresh Feeling In Your HomeOne of the big benefits of a professional home cleaning solution is the freshness which it leaves inside your house. Having an expert come around and take the time to clean everything in the proper manner can often lend an intangible “freshness” to the surroundings; not quite a smell or a taste, but an overall feeling and sense of cleanliness. For those who have a regular cleaning service but wish to recreate this atmosphere between visits, there are often a number of tricks and tips which can be employed in order to ensure that your home feels as clean and as fresh as though it had just been cleaned.

One of the easiest and the quickest ways of adding a freshness to your home is to open a few windows. When sealed shut, the air inside a room can quickly become stale and less pleasant, particularly if there are a number of people in the home for an extended amount of time. Opening a number of windows can help bring the fresh air into the house quickly and easily. Opening more than one and opening windows around the house can help ensure that the air is replaced quickly, and you can tell that it is working when you feel a slight breeze in the corridors of your home, and can see the curtains twitching. This is more difficult in winter, and can let the heat escape if you are planning on using a central heating system, but even ten minutes of open air during a non-rainy day can do wonders for the freshness of your household.

How to get your home feeling fresher2 A Fresh Feeling In Your HomeAnother simple solution is one which might cost a small amount of money. If you visit the supermarket, there will often be a range of air freshening products which promise to release a fresh scent into your home. Whilst they cannot replicate the real benefits of a deep cleaning solution providing by a house cleaner, they can do wonders to imitate the smell, at least. These solutions are available in a variety of formats. You can purchase items which plug into a wall socket and release a timed burst of perfume occasional or when a person walks past. Some come in aerosol form, allowing you to direct the cleansing scent. Some are simple absorbing items which only need to be left in the corner and promise to take away any old smells and replace them with something new. As a quick fix, these can help you find a bit of freshness quickly.

One of the best ways to change the old atmosphere of a home is to replace your current cleaning products. Things such as surface cleaners, dish washing liquid, washing machine powder and bathroom cleaning chemicals can often come with their own distinct smells. If you have been using the same brands for an extended period of time, you might well have grown accustomed to the scent. When your cleaner visits, it might be that their use of different products helps to add to the sense of freshness which you experience, so changing products yourself might be an excellent means of replicating this sense. Most of the larger brands provide their products in a range of styles, so it should be easy to retain the practicality whilst changing the scent.

If you are desperate for a new sense of freshness for your home, the only option may be a professional spring clean. By getting into the issue of cleanliness in a deeper and more thorough fashion, a professional deep clean can leave that expert freshness lasting even longer.

More tips at Upholstery Cleaning.

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Getting Wax Out of Your Carpet

When it comes to getting stains on your carpet, wax can be up there with red wine as one of the things people most often dread. Being spilled when it’s hot and molten, wax typically sets quickly and can leave you with quite the problem. Rather than picking at it for hours, there are far better solutions in order to ensure that you don’t leave any marks or stains behind on the fabric. Carpet cleaning is not always easy, however there is an excellent method for making sure that you can get rid of those difficult wax stains as quickly and as easily as possible. Unlike other home remedies, this one can actually work and is completed using simple tools which you might find in any household.

Getting wax out of a carpet3 Getting Wax Out of Your Carpet

The two things which you need will be some kitchen paper and an iron. A roll of kitchen paper is advised because it is designed to be absorbing and it a far better choice than any of the other alternatives. You will require around two to four sheets, though you might need more depending on the amount of wax which has been spilled. A household iron is the only other item you will need, but you should pay particular attention to the heat settings. The wax is stuck in your carpet, and the iron will be used to remove it; making sure that the iron does not overheat and damage the carpet is a big concern and something which should occupy your thoughts throughout the process. Just like you would when ironing a shirt, be careful not to leave the iron in one spot for too long and always take care when around such hot objects in order that you don’t do yourself any harm. The iron should be heated to a temperature which can melt wax, but not the carpet. Depending on the material involved, this level of heat is variable.

When it comes to the actual process for removing the wax, it is just as simple as it seems. All you need to do is to identity the area in which the wax has been spilled and lay the kitchen paper down over the top of it. With the paper in place, you can become the expert carpet cleaner you always dreamed of becoming: move the warm iron over the surface area of the paper, gradually melting the wax. As the wax melts, it will be absorbed into the kitchen paper. Depending on the quantity of wax spilled, you might need to repeat the process in order to remove as much as possible. Be careful to fold two pieces of kitchen paper together, providing a double layer in order to get the best effect. The process might take a while in order to ensure that you get everything, with the kitchen paper becoming increasingly filled with wax. However, do not rush and be prepared to take your time. When it comes to getting wax out of your carpet, it is better to take the process slowly and to ensure that it is done right, rather than risking lasting damage.

That is all that is required in order to remove wax from even the most expensive carpets. It is possible to change up the process depending on the material of carpet involved. For cheaper, artificial fabrics, such as those found in offices, commercial carpet cleaners might be better suited to using a wet cloth rather than kitchen paper; artificial carpet fibers are not suited to particularly high heats but can handle “wet heat” far easier than they can handle the same treatment while dry.

For more helpful information, visit Balham cleaning services.

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Tips and tricks for cleaning your gold and silver jewelry

Over time your gold and silver jewelry can become stained and tarnished. Not only can this have a detrimental effect on the jewelry itself, but it can look very unpleasant too! If your gold and silver jewelry has seen better days and you’re looking to spruce it up then have a  look at this guide to cleaning your precious metals!

Gold: Gold jewelry won’t tarnish over time, but it can become dull-looking and it will pick up bacteria, dirt and grime. It’s easy to clean your gold jewelry though, and here are just a few ways in which you can clean yours!

1) Perhaps the easiest and cheapest way for you to clean your gold jewelry is with boiling water. Simply fill a bowl with boiling water and let your gold items soak for a few minutes. Once the water is cooler, remove your gold and gently dry with a soft polishing cloth. Boiling water won’t damage real gold, but if you have any gemstones or added inlaid detailing in your jewelry then this isn’t the best cleaning method for you. If your gemstones have been glued in then the water will loosen the glue, making it easier for the stones to come loose and fall out.

2) You can also clean your gold jewelry with washing up liquid! Fill a bowl with warm water and mix in a small amount washing up liquid. Take a soft and clean toothbrush and use the liquid to gently buff at your jewelry. Rinse the jewelry well once finished and then buff dry with a soft cloth. This is a safer method for jewelry with decorative elements, as you aren’t submerging the entire thing in water.

3) If you want to fully sanitize your jewelry to the best of your ability then you might want to try using a product designed especially for cleaning gold. Check with your local jewelers to see what hey recommend for your gold items and make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Silver: Silvery jewelry can tarnish very easily, especially it it’s worn rarely. You can polish your silver in many different ways to keep your pieces clean and sanitary. Here are just a few methods for you to test!

1) If your jewelry isn’t yet tarnished, or if it’s only just beginning to show signs of tarnishing then you can use warm water to clean it. Make sure you use a cleaning agent that’s free from phosphates. Soak the jewelry in a bowl of warm water and your chosen cleaning agent before removing and buffing dry with a soft cloth.

2) Toothpaste can also be used to clean your silver jewelry. Place a small amount of toothpaste onto the soft side of a sponge and alternate between gently rubbing this on your jewelry and rinsing with warm water. Take care not to use a toothpaste with whitening properties, as this can damage your silver! Once the tarnishing has been removed rinse the piece thoroughly with warm water and buff it dry.

3) If you’ve tried using warm water and a cleaning agent and it’s not dealt with the tarnishing on your silver then you might want to consider purchasing a silver-cleaning product. Silver is much harder to clean than gold because of its composition, so don’t risk damaging your silver if it is heavily tarnished. Speak to your local jewelry for cleaning product recommendations, or have a look online.

For further tips, visit: Chelsea end of tenancy cleaning

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Bathroom Occasional Cleaning Tasks

The bathroom is one of the most important parts in a home, which has to be taken care of. It should be really maintained well, since it’s the room where we shower and get rid of dirt. The bathroom has to be clean and hygienic for two main reasons – for us to feel comfortable there, since we use it daily, and for our good health.

There are daily chores that we carry out, such as mopping the floor after taking a shower or letting some fresh air in. And such little tasks are indeed important. However, there are other occasional tasks that we should carry out every once in a while in order to make sure that the hygiene in the bathroom is really perfect. Here are our suggestions on occasional cleaning chores for the bathroom that will clean it thoroughly in detail.

Clean Soft Goods

One of the occasional chores you can carry out in order to get your bathroom in the best possible shape is to wash the soft goods, such as curtains, shower curtains and rugs. They get dirty too, and although you don’t have to clean them every week, it’s not bad to wash them every now and again before they have become obviously dirty. Wash each item according to the given instructions, so that you don’t damage them. After you wash the curtains and the shower curtains, hang them immediately, so that they air-dry without getting wrinkles all over the fabrics. In case your shower curtains are not soft and can’t be put in the washing machine, use a sponge, dampened in detergent, and scrub it. Then rinse with the portable shower and let the curtain air dry.

Clean Up Cabinets

Another step to take in the occasional maintenance of your bathroom is to clear out the cabinets. Take everything out of there and clean the cabinet thoroughly inside and outside. Then check whether there are products that have expired or such that you won’t use and throw them away. It’s useless to let them take space because in that case they only make your cabinets look messy. When the cabinet is dry, put everything back in, keeping in mind that the products you use more often should be placed in the front, so that they are easier to access, while those that you use less frequently can stay in the back.

Air Quality

It’s surely important to let fresh air in regularly but this is far not all you should do when it comes to air quality in the bathroom. An occasional task you should complete every now and then is to dust and clean vents and fans. Dust the outside of vents, using a gentle detergent. You may mix warm water with a bit of liquid soap and use a soft cloth to clean the vents and fans. Also, take down light fixtures and wash them gently. Make sure they are dry before you put them back up.

Dust The Ceiling

Although not regularly, ceilings have to be cleaned as well. Dust your bathroom ceiling and corners, using a mop. Open the windows of the bathroom to let the ceiling dry more quickly in case you’ve wetted it.

Author Bio: July Minor is blogger who loves cleaning and home improvement topics. She works with all areas of London cleaning companies and she travels a lot.

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