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Tips for Washing Plastic Food Containers

Tupperware 300x200 Tips for Washing Plastic Food ContainersThis week we have a guest post on cleaning plastic food containers written by Andrew Garberson. He works with Qorpak, a glass and plastics company in Bridgeville, PA.

It’s that time of year again that every collegiate appetite fears. Students trade home cooking for campus cafeterias and dorm fridge leftovers. It’s amazing that anyone can learn on a Tupperware™ diet.

Don’t worry, future diploma owners and debt holders! We have collected some tips to keep your reusable plastic food containers clean, even if your lifestyle isn’t. Here are three cures for common cleaning issues.

The First Scrub

Although not an option for you dorm dwellers, everyone else should avoid putting plastic containers in the dishwasher. It can be quite rough on them and the cleanliness factor is nothing to brag about, either. It’s best to roll up the sleeves and clean by hand.

Sure, it sounds basic, but those three simple steps clean better than most and extend the container’s lifespan. It just requires a bit of elbow grease.

Stubborn Stains

  • Fill the container with water.
  • Add a dash of dish soap and cap full of bleach.
  • Microwave the mixture for 30 seconds.

Funky Smell

  • Rinse the plastic container.
  • Add several tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Scrub with a wet sponge.

If the container is beyond repair, please consider recycling it. Most have a number on the bottom that indicates the plastic type. Find it then refer to this recycling codes printout to see if you can save the container from the landfill

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